Detailed Information

Austral Animal Boarding Kennels is a premier pet care facility located at 459 Fifteenth Ave, Austral NSW 2179. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional boarding services for dogs, cats, and small pets, ensuring that your beloved companions receive the highest level of care and attention during their stay with us.

Our boarding kennels are specially designed to cater to the unique needs of each pet, providing individual, spacious enclosures that offer a cozy home-away-from-home experience. At Austral Animal Boarding Kennels, we prioritize the comfort and happiness of your pets, offering both long-term and short-term boarding options to suit your requirements.

Experience top-tier pet care at Austral Animal Boarding Kennels, where your furry friends can enjoy daily dedicated time in our expansive play yards, allowing them to frolic, stretch, and play to their heart’s content. Book a guided tour of our facility during Off Peak hours to see where your pets will be staying and discover a haven of personalized pet care for your cherished companions.