Detailed Information

Aussie Pooch Nutrition & Wellbeing is a Northern Territory based independent natural pet store located in Woolner, Darwin. Specializing in stocking natural, minimally processed, chemical and toxin-free pet products for dogs and cats, the store focuses on providing species-appropriate nutrition, natural remedies, preventative health solutions, and comfortable humane walking equipment. With a commitment to offering high-quality products that prioritize the health and well-being of pets, Aussie Pooch has become a go-to destination for pet owners seeking unique and holistic pet care solutions.

Founded over a decade ago by Hannah, Aussie Pooch has grown to become the largest holistic-style natural pet store in Australia, despite being located in one of the most remote and smallest capital cities in the country. The store prides itself on offering the largest and highest quality range of dog and cat raw foods, bones, supplements, remedies, and Australian natural treats. Known for their humane, pain-free, and comfortable walking equipment, Aussie Pooch is dedicated to serving the needs of animals and improving their quality of life through natural nutrition, toxin-free products, and stress-reducing solutions.

Committed to educating pet owners and providing valuable resources, Aussie Pooch shares helpful tips and information on pet nutrition, health, and well-being through their community platform. By prioritizing natural, healthy alternatives and sharing their expertise on nutrition, remedies, and toxin cleansing, Aussie Pooch aims to enhance the overall health and happiness of dogs and cats. Conveniently located in Woolner, Darwin, the store offers various delivery options and a Click & Collect service for the convenience of their customers.