Detailed Information

Auburn Veterinary Hospital is a trusted and integral part of the local community, providing modern, professional, and affordable health care for a variety of pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles. Our dedicated team of passionate veterinarians and staff are committed to ensuring your furry friends receive the best possible care and attention. When you visit our clinic, you can expect a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations, aimed at making your pet feel at ease.

Our principal veterinarian, Dr. Brian Lou, leads our team with expertise and compassion, offering a range of veterinary services such as annual health checks, vaccinations, grooming, blood testing, surgical procedures (soft tissue, orthopedic, dental), and special care services including IV fluid therapy, hospitalization, x-rays, ultrasound, and emergency care. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of care and treatment for animals while providing excellent customer service to our clients.

As a family-owned hospital, we treat every pet that comes through our doors as part of our extended family. Regardless of size or breed, we believe that all furry friends deserve to be loved and cared for in the best possible way. Our commitment to the well-being of animals, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, has made Auburn Veterinary Hospital a go-to destination for pet owners in Auburn, Lidcombe, Berala, Guildford, Granville, and surrounding suburbs.