Detailed Information

Animal Rights and Rescue Group (ARRG) is a compassionate non-kill, foster-care organization based in Australia, dedicated to rescuing and caring for animals until they find their forever homes. Established in 1995, ARRG operates as a self-funded volunteer group without government support, relying solely on donations and fundraising initiatives to save lives. The group has rescued and re-homed over 15,000 unwanted animals, responding to neglect and cruelty cases when other resources are unavailable.

ARRG provides essential services such as temporary shelter for pets of individuals facing hardships like domestic abuse, serious illness, or homelessness. They also offer assistance with affordable desexing to prevent the proliferation of unwanted litters. The organization actively supports local pounds, hospitals, refuges, and vets in re-homing pets during times of crisis. Additionally, ARRG educates young people on responsible pet ownership through educational programs in schools, aiming to create a brighter future for pets and their owners.

Through their dedicated efforts, ARRG strives to ensure that pets are valued members of the community and not disposable items. The group operates a network of foster carers and a center in Lismore, providing care for animals in need. ARRG’s commitment to animal welfare extends to advocating for low-cost desexing programs and mobile clinics to assist rural communities. By supporting ARRG, individuals contribute to a noble cause that upholds the principles of compassion and kindness towards all living creatures.