Detailed Information

Animal Rights and Rescue Group Inc. (ARRG) is a registered charity established in 1995, dedicated to helping unwanted, injured, and neglected animals in the Lismore region. Founded by Barbara Steffenson and a group of passionate individuals, ARRG operates as a NO KILL group, prioritizing the well-being and care of animals in need. The organization works tirelessly seven days a week, relying on the support of volunteers, donations, and fundraising efforts to cover the costs of rescuing and caring for animals.

ARRG operates primarily through a network of foster carers who provide temporary homes for animals in need, with some animals residing at the organization’s center in Lismore. The group collaborates with veterinary surgeons to facilitate low-cost desexing services, aiming to reduce the number of unwanted pets euthanized in pounds across Australia. Additionally, ARRG advocates for animal welfare, educates the community on responsible pet ownership, and supports initiatives to prevent animal overpopulation.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ARRG has implemented strict social distancing measures and adoption procedures to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers, and potential adopters. Adoptions are by appointment only, with interested individuals required to contact ARRG via phone or email to schedule a pre-adoption interview. The organization also operates a Thrifty Op Shop to raise funds, accepts donations from generous supporters, and engages in community partnerships to further its mission of providing care and support for animals in need.