Detailed Information

The Ark Veterinary Hospital is a well-established and accredited animal hospital located in Lindfield, NSW. With over 30 years of experience in pet care, our dedicated team of veterinarians and veterinarian nurses are committed to providing exceptional veterinary care in a warm and welcoming environment. As an independently owned and operated vet hospital, we take pride in offering uninterrupted service to the pet community, with a focus on expertise, kindness, and compassion in every interaction.

Our team at The Ark Veterinary Hospital is equipped to handle a wide range of veterinary services, from consultations to surgeries, ensuring that your pet receives the best and most efficient care possible. We understand the importance of preventive care and offer complimentary health checks to identify any potential health concerns early on. Additionally, we provide services such as pet grooming, emergency veterinary treatment, dental care, pet boarding, and pet desexing operations to cater to all aspects of your pet’s well-being.

Meet our experienced veterinary team, led by Dr. Joe Daley, who founded The Ark Veterinary Hospital with a passion for quality veterinary health care and a love for animals. Our team members, including Dr. Katy, Stephanie, Ray, Charlotte, Lizzie, Tara, Lily, Sophie, Mami, Georgia, Hollie, and Jess, are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to your furry companions. At The Ark, your pets are treated like family, and we strive to ensure they lead healthy and happy lives under our expert care.