Detailed Information

AREPH – Wildlife Hospital is a leading veterinary facility specializing in the care and treatment of wildlife in Sydney and the surrounding regions. With a team of experienced veterinarians led by Associate Professor Annabelle Olsson, who has extensive expertise in avian, reptile, and wildlife medicine, AREPH provides a range of services from intake to post-operative care, rehabilitation, release, and research. The hospital is dedicated to supporting wildlife carers and treatment teams, offering rechecks and pre-release examinations to ensure the seamless transition of animals back into their natural habitats.

Associate Professor Annabelle Olsson, with her background in tropical ecology and veterinary science, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to AREPH. Dr. Sarah Foo, an intern veterinarian, complements the team with her passion for animal welfare and special interest in wildlife and exotic pet medicine. Supported by vet nurses Joceline Alfaro and Adelle Scott, the team at AREPH is committed to providing high-quality care for a variety of wildlife species, including birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

AREPH – Wildlife Hospital aims to re-establish its partnership with wildlife carers and treatment teams, offering a sustainable service to meet the needs of the community. With a focus on compassionate care and expertise in wildlife medicine, AREPH is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and successful rehabilitation of wildlife in the region. For wildlife rechecks or pre-release checks, individuals can contact AREPH via email or phone to book an appointment.