Detailed Information

Aquam Amici Labradors & Cocker Spaniels is a reputable breeding business based in Jamberoo, NSW, specializing in breeding labradors and cocker spaniels. With a strong focus on temperament and health, all dogs are carefully selected, DNA tested, and hip/elbow scored to ensure the highest quality of breeding standards. The business is registered with the MDBA, providing assurance of pedigree and breeding practices.

The founder, who has a background in mathematics and a deep passion for animals, aims to raise confident and well-rounded puppies that seamlessly integrate into families. Using reward-based and fear-free training methods, Aquam Amici Labradors & Cocker Spaniels prioritizes creating a positive and enjoyable experience for both the dogs and their new owners. The founder’s personal journey with their own dogs, particularly Barney, a golden cocker spaniel in training to be a medical alert dog, serves as a driving force behind the business’s commitment to excellence in breeding and training.

With a foundation in equine training and competition, the founder recognizes the similarities in behavior and training methods between horses and dogs. This unique perspective informs the approach taken by Aquam Amici Labradors & Cocker Spaniels, emphasizing clear and consistent instruction, patience, and the rewarding bond that forms between humans and their canine companions. The business strives to make owning a dog a fulfilling and enriching experience for every family member, setting a high standard in ethical breeding and positive training practices.