Detailed Information

Apiam Animal Health is a leading rural veterinary business in Australia, with a network of 78 business sites including 73 Veterinary Clinics staffed by 332 highly experienced veterinarians. With a team of 1219 dedicated professionals, Apiam is committed to enriching the lives of animals, people, and communities. The company’s values of believing in each other, embracing opportunities and growth, celebrating achievements, and leading with integrity guide their mission to achieve healthy animals and happy people.

Apiam offers a range of specialized services tailored to different sectors of the animal industry. Their Best Mates program provides pet owners with preventative and protective healthcare for their beloved companions, including unlimited free consults. For dairy farmers, Apiam delivers the ProDairy service in partnership with veterinarians to enhance cow health, welfare, biosecurity, and farm profitability. The ProSwine team focuses on supporting the Australian pork industry with top-notch veterinary services, diagnostics, and technology.

With a strong emphasis on innovation and technology, Apiam Animal Health utilizes cutting-edge tools such as telemedicine, high-resolution remote video, and herd management software to optimize outcomes for their animal patients. Their commitment to excellence is further demonstrated through in-house diagnostic capabilities, specialist laboratory services, and nationwide product delivery through Apiam Logistics. Through their various initiatives and community engagements, Apiam continues to be a trusted partner in animal healthcare across Australia.