Detailed Information

Apex Dog Training, founded by Elijah Boateng, is a premier dog training service located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW, Australia. With a focus on building trust and communication between dogs and their owners, Apex Dog Training offers a wide range of training programs to address various behavioral issues and enhance the bond between pets and their families.

  • Specializing in recall, loose leash walking, and off-leash reliability, Apex Dog Training provides comprehensive training sessions to help dogs develop essential obedience skills for a harmonious relationship with their owners.
  • With expertise in addressing leash reactivity, fear aggression, and anxiety in dogs, the team at Apex Dog Training is dedicated to helping pets overcome behavioral challenges and lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  • From toilet training and crate training to new owner education, Apex Dog Training offers personalized training plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each dog and their family. By focusing on positive reinforcement and effective communication techniques, Apex Dog Training aims to empower owners to better understand and connect with their canine companions.