Detailed Information

Annie’s Dogs is a reputable business founded and operated by Annie Silva, a certified dog behaviorist and trainer with extensive experience in dog training, assistance dog training, and therapy dog training. Located in Ararat, Victoria, Australia, Annie’s Dogs offers a range of specialized courses and services aimed at enhancing the relationship between dogs and their owners while addressing various behavioral issues. With a focus on trust and relationship-building, Annie’s training methods emphasize effective communication through a unique language system, rather than relying on specific commands or food rewards.

The business provides a variety of courses tailored to different needs, including a three-day intensive high-level obedience boot camp, a five-day therapy dog certification course, and socialization, education, tricks, and relationship-building sessions for puppies. Annie’s Dogs also offers assistance in training dogs for specific roles, such as therapy dogs or assistance dogs, following the Victorian Legislation for Assistance Dogs. Additionally, Annie and her team of certified therapy dog handlers bring joy, comfort, and healing to various settings like schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and more, through therapy dog visits.

Annie’s Dogs stands out for its commitment to training dogs under distraction, teaching boundary-keeping skills, and promoting impulse control in dogs. The business does not market its obedience course as a fix for dog aggression but focuses on addressing behavioral issues through trust-based training methods. By learning the language system taught at Annie’s Dogs, dog owners can effectively communicate with their pets in any situation, fostering obedience, calmness, and mutual understanding. Contact Annie’s Dogs to explore how their training programs can help strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion.