Detailed Information

Animal Training Systems is a reputable family-owned business based in Queensland, operating since 1996. Specializing in electronic dog training collars for working dogs and hunting dogs, the company offers innovative solutions to effectively communicate with and train dogs. With a focus on safety and efficiency, their modern technology provides a range of correction levels and safety features to address various behavioral issues.

As a trusted supplier to rural communities, Animal Training Systems has established a strong presence at agricultural Field Days across Queensland, including Ag-grow, FarmFest, and Ag Show. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through personalized service, with a preference for engaging with customers directly to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions. With a loyal customer base dating back to their inception, the company values word-of-mouth recommendations and strives to build lasting relationships with farmers and hunters.

Partnering with renowned brands such as DT Systems, PetSafe, and SportDOG, Animal Training Systems ensures that all products are backed by genuine Australian Distributor or Manufacturer Warranties. Whether you are looking to train a working dog, address behavioral issues, or enhance control during hunting activities, Animal Training Systems offers reliable and effective solutions to meet your training needs.