Detailed Information

Animal Progress is a dedicated business that focuses on helping individuals better understand animal behavior in order to enhance animal welfare. Founded in 2013 by Sally, a passionate veterinarian with a background in behavioral medicine, Animal Progress offers behavior consultations for caregivers of animals facing behavior challenges. Sally’s extensive experience includes volunteering as a veterinarian in various countries and pursuing specialized training in veterinary behavioral medicine.

With a mission to improve the bond between animals and their owners, Animal Progress provides strategies to manage specific behavior problems through veterinary behavior consultations. Sally’s commitment to animal welfare led her to start a residency training program with renowned specialists in veterinary behavior. Through ongoing education and training, Sally aims to become a registered specialist in veterinary behavioral medicine, ensuring the highest level of care for animals in need.

Besides offering behavior consultations in northeast Victoria and at the Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre, Animal Progress also focuses on educating veterinary staff and the public about behavior problems and their management. Bec, a dedicated member of the team, brings her passion for animal welfare and behavior to the business. Together, Sally and Bec strive to help individuals build positive relationships with their pets and address behavioral issues that impact both the animals and their owners’ quality of life.