Detailed Information

Animal Progress, led by Dr. Sally Nixon, is a reputable business dedicated to enhancing animal welfare through a deep understanding of animal behavior. Dr. Nixon’s expertise lies in helping individuals comprehend normal animal communication and behavior, as well as identifying and managing abnormal behavior patterns. With a focus on providing strategies to address specific behavior issues during veterinary behavior consultations, Animal Progress aims to foster healthier relationships between animals and their caregivers.

Dr. Sally Nixon’s journey in veterinary behavioral medicine began with her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Melbourne in 2000. Over the years, she has honed her skills through volunteering experiences across the globe, working with a diverse range of animals in various settings. Her commitment to continuous learning led her to pursue postgraduate studies and training programs, positioning her as a respected figure in the field of veterinary behavior. Through Animal Progress, Dr. Nixon not only offers behavior consultations but also educates both veterinary professionals and the public on effective behavior management techniques.

Complementing Dr. Nixon’s expertise is Bec Hogan, a seasoned veterinary nurse with a profound passion for animal welfare and behavior. With a background in wildlife care and community education initiatives, Bec brings a wealth of experience to Animal Progress. Together, Dr. Nixon and Bec strive to empower pet owners to cultivate positive relationships with their animals, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing behavioral issues for the well-being of both animals and their human companions.