Detailed Information

Animal Hospital & VET HappyTails is a renowned veterinary clinic located in Burwood East, VIC, Australia. Dr. Jason, the lead veterinarian, has garnered a stellar reputation for his exceptional care and expertise in treating a wide range of animals. With a team of dedicated and compassionate nurses, the clinic provides top-notch medical services for pets, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment.

  • Customers have praised the clinic for its attentive and caring staff, highlighting the personalized attention and empathy shown towards their furry companions. From routine vaccinations to emergency services, Animal Hospital & VET HappyTails is known for its commitment to providing high-quality care for all animals.
  • Dr. Jason’s professionalism and dedication to his patients have earned him the trust and loyalty of pet owners in the community. The clinic’s welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable team make it a preferred choice for pet healthcare needs. Whether it’s a regular check-up or a complex medical issue, customers can rely on the expertise of the team at HappyTails.
  • With a focus on customer satisfaction and animal well-being, Animal Hospital & VET HappyTails stands out as a trusted partner in pet healthcare. The clinic’s reputation for excellence, combined with its friendly and professional staff, makes it a go-to destination for pet owners seeking top-tier veterinary services in the Melbourne area.