Detailed Information

Animal Health Australia (AHA) is the leading national animal health body in Australia, established to bring together government and industry stakeholders to ensure the delivery of effective animal health and biosecurity measures. With a focus on safeguarding livestock producers and enhancing the resilience of Australia’s agricultural sector, AHA plays a crucial role in advocating for, driving, and implementing solutions that protect animal health and biosecurity.

Through a collaborative approach with its diverse membership groups, AHA manages over 50 national programs aimed at improving animal health, biosecurity, market access, livestock welfare, productivity, and food safety. The organization’s commitment to shaping a better future, fostering partnerships, and embracing innovation underscores its dedication to advancing livestock health issues of collective interest. AHA’s independently selected Board of Directors ensures transparent and accountable governance, while its dedicated team in Canberra works tirelessly to address emerging challenges and opportunities in the animal health sector.

Since its inception in 1996, Animal Health Australia has been instrumental in upholding Australia’s reputation for clean and disease-free agricultural production systems. By responding to the evolving demands of international trading partners and the need for strategic policy decisions in animal health, AHA has expanded its role within the national animal health system. With a strong emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and stakeholder engagement, AHA continues to lead the way in promoting the long-term success and sustainability of Australia’s animal health and biosecurity landscape.