Detailed Information

Animal Emergency Service is a leading after-hours veterinary hospital dedicated to providing urgent medical care to pets and wildlife when your regular vet is closed, including weekends and public holidays. With a team of experienced vets and nurses, we offer compassionate and expert care to help put pet owners’ minds at ease during stressful situations. Our animal emergency care hospitals are conveniently located in five different locations across Australia, ensuring easy access to emergency veterinary services when needed.

Founded by Co-Founders Rob Webster and Simon Lemin, Animal Emergency Service has over 30 years of experience in emergency and critical care for animals. Starting as a suburban animal emergency center in Brisbane, the business has evolved into a network of eight hospital teams, an education group, and a support services group dedicated to saving the lives of critical patients. The founders’ commitment to seeking the highest level of emergency and critical care led them to collaborate with leading veterinary experts, setting a benchmark for excellence in the field.

With a team of over 300 veterinary professionals, including vets, nurses, client care specialists, and business support teams, Animal Emergency Service continues to uphold its mission of providing top-notch emergency veterinary care. By continually raising the bar in the discipline of emergency and critical care, the business remains at the forefront of veterinary medicine in Australia, ensuring that pets receive the best possible care during emergencies.