Detailed Information

Animal Care Centre Boarding Kennels and Cattery is a well-established family owned and operated business located in Mackay, North Queensland. Situated on 15 acres of picturesque hilltop land with stunning 360° panoramic views, the property has a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s. Originally used as a boarding kennel since the early 1970s, the site was transformed into a modern kennel and cattery complex by the current owners in 1984. With a strong passion for animals, the family has continued to upgrade and expand the facilities over the years, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for all furry guests.

The kennels at Animal Care Centre are designed to provide a cool, airy, and secure space for dogs during their stay. Each kennel features a sheltered hutch for bedtime, ensuring a cozy and private resting area. Dogs are not mixed with other dogs unless they are from the same family, allowing for a stress-free environment. The property also offers three grassed exercise yards where dogs can enjoy individual playtime daily. Similarly, the cattery rooms cater to the needs of cats with individual housing and playtime, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable stay for feline guests.

All pets staying at Animal Care Centre must have up-to-date vaccinations to ensure the health and safety of all guests. The facility also accommodates pets with special dietary needs or medications, providing a personalized approach to pet care. With a focus on maintaining a clean and healthy environment, pets showing signs of illness are not admitted to the facility to prevent the spread of diseases. Animal Care Centre is dedicated to providing a nurturing and secure environment for pets, allowing owners to have peace of mind while their furry companions are in their care.