Detailed Information

Animal Ark Snake Avoidance Training for Dogs is a pioneering business in Western Australia, offering specialized snake aversion training for dogs. With a background in media, film, and TV industries, founder David Manning brings over 20 years of experience in handling and training a wide range of animals, including snakes. As a certified wildlife rehabilitator and a recognized expert in snake behavior, David combines his passion for dogs and snakes to provide effective training that focuses on both snake movement and smell.

At Animal Ark, the training approach mirrors the naturalistic style commonly practiced in the US, where dogs are taught to associate discomfort with snake encounters. With a focus on the welfare of both dogs and native wildlife, the training aims to prevent potentially life-threatening snake bites. The business has worked with hundreds of dogs of various breeds and temperaments, tailoring the training to suit each individual dog’s needs. Annual refresher training is recommended to ensure long-term effectiveness in preventing snake encounters.

Featured in Vet Practice Magazine, Animal Ark’s Snake Avoidance Training for Dogs has garnered praise from clients and veterinarians alike. With a commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and wildlife conservation, Animal Ark is dedicated to helping dog owners protect their beloved pets from the dangers of snake encounters. For more information on their services and expertise, visit their website or contact them directly.