Detailed Information

Animal Aid Vet Clinic in Coldstream is a dedicated veterinary clinic that provides high-quality and compassionate health care services for a variety of pets. With a newly renovated premises and state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic offers a welcoming environment for pets and their owners. The clinic’s team of experienced veterinarians and nurses are passionate about shelter medicine and ensuring the well-being of all animals that come through their doors.

Animal Aid Vet Clinic offers a range of services, including free microchipping for up to 2 cats/kittens to residents of specific councils. The clinic also actively addresses the issue of unidentified cats in the community by promoting responsible pet ownership. In addition to providing care for private clients’ pets, Animal Aid Vet Clinic works with local councils and other agencies to rehome lost, unwanted, and abandoned animals. The clinic believes in giving every animal a second chance and does not euthanize animals due to time and space constraints.

Animal Aid Vet Clinic is committed to animal welfare and advocates for responsible pet ownership, compulsory desexing of cats, and the regulation of breeding practices. The clinic partners with various organizations and sponsors to support its mission of providing premium animal services and improving the welfare of companion animals. Through collaborations with sponsors like Purina ProPlan and support from the community, Animal Aid Vet Clinic continues to make a positive impact in the lives of animals in need.