Detailed Information

Angela McLeod Equine Veterinarian is a renowned business led by Angela McLeod, an experienced equine veterinarian with a deep passion for horses and biomechanics. With a background in eventing and racehorse trackwork, Angela’s journey from New Zealand to Australia has been marked by a commitment to understanding the intricate relationship between equine training, health, and performance.

Specializing in equine biomechanics, Angela offers a unique approach to teaching riders of all levels about the logical principles governing horse training. Her focus on educating riders about the biomechanics of horse movement aims to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and promote the overall well-being of the horse. Angela’s expertise extends to advising veterinarians on correct training methods for client rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Through her dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of equine biomechanics, Angela McLeod Equine Veterinarian stands as a valuable resource for riders seeking to improve their training techniques and develop a harmonious partnership with their horses.