Detailed Information

Always Able Pet Boarding, located on the Mid North Coast, offers top-notch pet boarding services for dogs and cats in a newly refurbished facility. Founded by Michelle and Atti Nohotima, the business stems from their deep love for animals and dedication to assisting pet owners. Formerly known as Kennels on Kew, the property has undergone significant upgrades under Michelle and Atti’s ownership, with the support of previous owners Hans and Belinda.

At Always Able Pet Boarding, your pet’s well-being is paramount. Whether your furry friend requires a special diet, exercise routine, or simply a comfortable and secure environment, our team is equipped to meet those needs. Our kennels are designed to provide a safe and cozy space for dogs, while our cat rooms offer a secure and enjoyable setting for feline guests.

Additionally, we offer a professional dog washing service featuring a fully equipped Hydro-bath, ensuring that your pet returns home not only well cared for but also smelling fresh and clean. Trust Always Able Pet Boarding to provide exceptional care and accommodation for your beloved pets while you’re away, giving you peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.