Detailed Information

Alstonville Poultry Farm is a renowned establishment specializing in the breeding and supply of high-quality chicken layers for individuals looking to enjoy fresh, free-range eggs straight from their own backyard. With a rich history dating back to 1969, the farm was founded by Kathy Robinson, Bruce Bell, and their family. Originally a dairy farm, Alstonville Poultry Farm transitioned into raising prize-winning Simmental cattle before becoming one of the first free-range chicken farms on the North Coast.

At Alstonville Poultry Farm, customers can expect to find a selection of specially bred pullets, including Rhode Island Red Cockeral over Australorpe Hen and Leghorn Cockeral over Rhode Island White Hen crosses. These pullets are carefully raised to be high egg producers, with approximately 300 eggs per year per bird. To ensure optimal egg production, the hens are fed a diet of 17% protein laying mash or pellets and provided with clean, fresh water.

Located in the picturesque farming community of Tuckombil in the Alstonville area, the farm offers customers the opportunity to bring home fully vaccinated starter pullets that are between 16 and 20 weeks old. These pullets typically start laying eggs at around 24 weeks of age, providing customers with a sustainable source of fresh eggs after a brief settling-in period. With stunning views of the Teven valley and Ballina coastline, Alstonville Poultry Farm continues to uphold its legacy of providing top-quality chicken layers for over five decades.