Detailed Information

All Day Dogs is a premier dog care facility located in Dandenong South, dedicated to providing a holistic approach to your furry companion’s well-being and enrichment. Our services cater to the mental and physical stimulation needs of dogs through our dog daycare, day board and train programs, and various workshops. We understand the importance of socialization, behavioral training, and overall health for dogs, which is why we offer tailored programs to meet individual training needs.

Our facility boasts two separate pens where dogs are carefully matched based on play style and size to ensure a harmonious environment during their stay. At All Day Dogs, we prioritize the socialization and interaction of our canine guests, allowing them to engage with other dogs and learn valuable social skills. We are committed to promoting a positive and enjoyable experience for every pooch that walks through our doors, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

Founded on a shared passion for the well-being and care of dogs, All Day Dogs goes beyond traditional dog care services by emphasizing nutrition, mindset, behavior, and physical needs. In addition to our daycare and training programs, we offer a selection of high-quality food, supplements, treats, and training equipment to support the overall health and happiness of your beloved pet. Join us in creating a nurturing and enriching environment for your canine family member at All Day Dogs.