Detailed Information

ALL 4 PAWS is a professional dog training service founded by Sonia 12 years ago, located in Mt Moriac on 5 acres of land. Specializing in addressing behavioral issues in dogs, Sonia offers a range of services to help owners better understand and train their furry companions. With a focus on safety and individualized attention, ALL 4 PAWS provides a supportive environment for both dogs and their owners to learn and grow together.

Through personal experience with her own dog, Lincoln, Sonia discovered her passion for dog training and behavior modification. Struggling with Lincoln’s challenging behaviors, she embarked on a journey to gain a deeper understanding of canine behavior and effective training techniques. This personal journey led her to develop a holistic approach to dog training, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying issues and building a strong foundation for a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners.

At ALL 4 PAWS, clients can access a range of services including consults, 1-1 training, and specialized classes such as Walking/Recall and Obstacle classes. With a focus on positive reinforcement and tailored training methods, ALL 4 PAWS aims to help dog owners overcome behavioral challenges and raise well-mannered, socialized pets. Sonia’s dedication to helping both dogs and their owners navigate training obstacles sets ALL 4 PAWS apart as a trusted resource for canine behavior solutions.