Detailed Information

AJMONTGOLD is a reputable family kennel located in Ningi, QLD, specializing in breeding high-quality Golden Retrievers. Established in 2019, our passion for these beloved canines, coupled with extensive training and education in the breeding community, has led us to develop our own line of Golden Retrievers. Unlike many breeders, we do not view breeding as a source of income but rather as a purpose-driven endeavor. As a result, we do not have puppies available year-round, focusing instead on producing Goldens of exceptional quality, health, and temperament.

Our primary goal at AJMONTGOLD is to breed top-tier Golden Retrievers sourced from the best available sources. While our emphasis lies in providing dogs for therapy, support, and assistance, we occasionally have companion and family pets available. All our dogs are raised in a nurturing home environment on our property, where they are socialized with individuals of all ages and various animals. We adhere to the puppy culture system to ensure the well-being and development of our puppies.

We are proud members of Dogs QLD and the Golden Retriever Club of Queensland, underscoring our commitment to upholding the highest breeding standards. Our breeding dogs undergo comprehensive health testing, including assessments for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes, with all relevant documentation readily available upon request. If you are interested in welcoming one of our Golden Retrievers into your home, we invite you to explore our ‘Puppy Inquiry’ section and apply to be considered for one of our puppies.