Detailed Information

AGnVET – Eugowra is a proud Australian agribusiness that has been providing rural agricultural supplies and services since 1915. Specializing in agronomy, animal health and nutrition, fertilizers, chemicals, and irrigation solutions, AGnVET is dedicated to supporting the farming community in Eugowra and beyond. With a commitment to sustainability and profitability, AGnVET offers expert advice and a wide range of crop protection products from top local and international manufacturers.

AGnVET – Eugowra is more than just a supplier; they are a trusted partner for farmers looking to maximize their crop yields and livestock production. Their team of dedicated agronomists ensures that clients receive tailored solutions to meet their specific needs, whether it’s selecting the right fertilizers for long-term soil health or choosing the best products for animal production systems. AGnVET’s partnership with Boys to the Bush charity highlights their community-focused approach, supporting initiatives for ‘disengaged’ young males and promoting early intervention strategies.

Whether you are a small-scale farmer or managing a large agricultural operation, AGnVET – Eugowra is your go-to destination for all your rural and farming needs. From pre-joining ewe checks to large-scale irrigation projects, AGnVET offers a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve your productivity targets. With a strong emphasis on customer service and industry-best practices, AGnVET is committed to being a reliable and knowledgeable partner for the farming community in Eugowra and the surrounding areas.