Detailed Information

Advanced Veterinary Imaging Canberra, located within the Belconnen Veterinary Centre, is proud to offer Canberra’s most extensive range of imaging modalities for pets. As the only veterinary hospital in Canberra to provide MRI services, we specialize in capturing detailed images of soft tissue structures such as the ears, nose, throat, spine, and brain. Our state-of-the-art MRI technology allows us to offer superior definition compared to CT scans in these critical areas, ensuring that your pet receives the most advanced care available.

CT imaging is another essential tool in our diagnostic arsenal, enabling us to visualize complex fractures, soft tissue structures, vascular anomalies, and more. Ultrasonography is a minimally invasive imaging technique that we utilize for imaging the abdomen, blood vessels, and muscles, providing valuable diagnostic insights. Our highly trained veterinarians are skilled in performing high-quality sonographic exams, including the increasingly important abdominal Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (a-FAST).

At Advanced Veterinary Imaging Canberra, our team of dedicated veterinarians, led by Dr. Eamon Ryan, Dr. Ella Richardson, Dr. Henry Xue, Dr. Bethan Baitson, Dr. Alex Tyson, and Dr. Stacey Shewell, is committed to providing top-notch veterinary care. With a focus on advanced surgery and imaging, we offer a range of services including fracture repairs, abdominal surgery, TPLOs, spinal surgeries, and advanced imaging with CT and MRI. Our passion for animals and cutting-edge veterinary medicine drives us to deliver exceptional care to your beloved pets.