Detailed Information

Act of Dog is a reputable dog training and behavior consultancy dedicated to providing a compassionate and effective approach to addressing canine behavioral issues. Led by Cam, a skilled dog behaviorist, canine coach, and family mediator, Act of Dog stands out in the industry for its commitment to understanding the emotional needs of dogs. With a background in working with thousands of dogs, Cam brings a wealth of experience to help dog owners build a strong and harmonious relationship with their furry companions.

At Act of Dog, we believe in meeting dogs where they are emotionally, recognizing their feelings of fear, frustration, and anxiety. Unlike traditional obedience training methods, we focus on developing trust-based relationships with dogs to address behavioral challenges effectively. Our services include personalized consultations to assess your dog’s background and behavior, followed by the creation of tailored training or management plans to address identified issues. Whether you need guidance on resolving common behavioral problems or require assistance with complex cases, Act of Dog is here to support you every step of the way.

Specializing in evidence-based training methods, Act of Dog offers dog owners access to valuable resources such as ‘THE TEN COMMANDMENTS’ to foster a deeper bond with their pets without relying on outdated dominance dogma. If you’re seeking a skilled and compassionate dog trainer and behaviorist who prioritizes your understanding of your dog’s needs, look no further than Act of Dog for professional guidance and support.