Detailed Information

Absolutely Fish and Pets – Hervey Bay Pet World is a renowned pet store located in the heart of beautiful Hervey Bay, just 3.5 hours north of Brisbane. Specializing in a wide range of pets from all over the world, including fish and birds, this pet emporium is known for its fun atmosphere and comprehensive selection of playful toy items for all types of pets. The team, led by owner-operator Malcolm, who has been in the pet industry since 2008, is dedicated to providing exceptional service and expert advice to ensure the health and quality of life of your beloved pets.

Owner Malcolm Rehren, a local resident and expert in the field of aquarium fish, has been breeding fish for over 14 years and is considered a leading authority in the industry. The store, which has grown and relocated since its establishment, prides itself on knowing most of its loyal customers by name and providing personalized care and attention to each pet owner. The team at Absolutely Fish and Pets works closely with charity groups and is committed to helping the community enjoy the pleasures of owning and caring for a variety of animals, fish, birds, and reptiles.

The dedicated team at Absolutely Fish and Pets includes knowledgeable and passionate individuals like Annette, Wayne, Seth, and Emolly, who bring a wealth of experience and love for animals to the store. From fish tanks to cichlids, birds to reptiles, the team is always ready to assist customers in finding the perfect pet and providing expert advice on pet care. With a focus on customer service and animal welfare, Absolutely Fish and Pets is not just a pet store but a destination for pet lovers seeking top-quality products and guidance in caring for their furry, feathered, and scaly friends.