Detailed Information

Abi-K9 Dog Training is a professional dog training service located in Alstonvale, NSW, on the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW. Founded by Jackie Abikhair in 2018, Abi-K9 offers a range of services including private lessons, Nosework classes, and board and train programs. With a focus on puppy development, manners and obedience training, socialization, confidence building, and behavioral rehabilitation, Abi-K9 aims to help dog owners get the very best from their canine companions.

Jackie Abikhair, the owner and trainer at Abi-K9, brings over a decade of experience in the pet care industry. With a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Western Sydney, Jackie has a strong foundation in animal behavior and training. Her methods are welfare and results-based, emphasizing rewards and positive motivation. Jackie specializes in practical obedience, scent detection, puppy training, and motivation control. She has also authored two books on dog training, showcasing her expertise and dedication to the field.

  • Tato, the main demo dog at Abi-K9, is enthusiastic, sociable, and a valuable asset in training and rehabilitating client dogs. She excels in obedience and social experiences, embodying the skills and dedication of the training program.
  • Bugs, a young hound mix, is known for her exceptional sense of smell and is often used in off-leash social experiences to demonstrate recalls and neutral dog interactions. Bugs’ love for food and her keen sense of smell make her a standout in scent detection training.
  • Smitty, the life of the party at Abi-K9, is a consistent worker who has made significant progress in overcoming reactivity towards other dogs. His engaging personality and willingness to learn make him a valuable addition to the training team.