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Labrador dogs

Labrador Dogs in Sydney breeds high-quality Labrador Retrievers with a focus on natural mating, free-ranging, and early socialization for families.

Gunnerson Labradors

Gunnerson Labradors in Mansfield, VIC breeds chocolate, black, and yellow Labradors, focusing on loyalty, temperament, and trainability. Founded by Julia Newton.

Burberry Labradors

Established in 1995, Burberry Labradors in Mount Helena breeds high-quality Labradors, upholding breed standards with a rich history.

Cascott Dogs

Cascott Dogs in Longford, Tasmania breeds top-quality Labradors from UK ‘working lines,’ excelling in companionship, work, and athleticism.

Clear Oaks Labradors

Clear Oaks Labradors in Rollands Plains, NSW breeds high-quality Labrador Retrievers with exceptional pedigrees, health clearances, and temperament excellence.

Haleana Labradors

Haleana Labradors in Canowindra, NSW, breeds top-quality Labrador Retrievers prioritizing temperament, personality, and well-being, offering loving and loyal companions.

Aquam Amici Labradors & Cocker Spaniels

Aquam Amici Labradors & Cocker Spaniels in Jamberoo, NSW breeds high-quality labradors and cocker spaniels, prioritizing health, temperament, and training.

Arroser Labrador Breeders

Arroser Labrador Breeders in Barossa Valley breeds quality Labradors, prioritizing health and genetic integrity, producing show winners and family dogs.

Lenimer Labradors

Lenimer Labradors near Brisbane breeds high-quality, registered pedigree Labradors for family pets or working roles, focusing on health and temperament.

Marsagan Labradors

Marsagan Labradors in Karalee, QLD, breeds champion-line Labradors with excellent health and temperament, offering puppies for gundogs or pets.