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TheK9Way in Auckland, NZ offers expert dog training aligning with natural instincts. Bastian leads with a decade of experience.


Alinefreedogs is a top dog training business in Queensland, Australia, offering expert training and rehabilitation services for dogs and owners.

Dogman Downunder

Dogman Downunder excels in dog training across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Toowoomba, focusing on behavior and boundary training.

SitDropStay Brisbane

SitDropStay Brisbane offers premier in-home dog training in Brisbane, focusing on creating a harmonious relationship between dogs and owners.

SitDropstay Canberra

SitDropStay Canberra offers expert in-home dog training services led by experienced trainer Allie MacDonald for well-behaved canine companions.

SitDropStay Adelaide

SitDropStay Adelaide, founded in 2005 by George Lygidakis, offers premier dog training and behavior modification services in Adelaide and beyond.

SitDropStay Melbourne

SitDropStay Melbourne offers premier dog training services in the Melbourne metro area, focusing on holistic, psychology-based methods for behavior improvement.

SitDropStay Central Coast

SitDropStay Central Coast offers premier dog training services in NSW, focusing on behavior modification and fostering a healthy dog-owner relationship.