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Pets Australia Directory - Category: Cat Rescue Organisation

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Geelong Animal Rescue GAR Ltd

Geelong Animal Rescue GAR Ltd rescues and rehomes cats, emphasizing companionship and play, matching felines with loving homes in Australia.

Carine Pet Central

Carine Pet Central: Boutique pet store in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. Quality products, expert team, re-homing rescue cats, diverse livestock, premium pet food.

Neko HQ

Neko HQ, run by Maneki Neko Cat Rescue, is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to improving cat welfare through various initiatives.

Adelaide Kitten Rescue Ic.

Adelaide Kitten Rescue, founded in 2020, combats stray cat overpopulation through community engagement, offering care, education, and support services.

Sassy's Cat Cafe and Adoption Centre

Sassy’s Cat Cafe and Adoption Centre in Australia offers a cozy cafe experience with resident cats, events, and adoption services.

Ten Lives

Ten Lives Cat Centre, Tasmania’s largest cat shelter, rehomes unwanted cats, promotes responsible ownership, and educates the community on feline welfare.