Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

Pleven Horse


Developed in Bulgaria the Pleven horse is a curious breed. The development began at a time when interest in horses as a means of transport was dwindling at the end of the

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Ponies… small horse or baby horse?


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When asking what the word pony means the answer you will get will likely differ depending on who the question is directed at. Ask a young girl from the city and she'll probably describe a juvenile horse, possibly a pink one with a long flowing mane. Ask a young girl from the country and she

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Pony of the Americas


Ponies of the Americas (POA) are a hardy breed which has diverse utility. It a kind hearted and intelligent pony with a very recent history tailored exclusively for young beginner equestrians.

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Quarab Horse


The Quarab Horse is a cross between an American Quarter Horse and an Arabian. They may also be registered with Paint horse blood instead of Quarter Horse. The horses may have from 1/8 to 7/8 of either breed, with any more or less of Arabian or Quarter Ho

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Shales Horse


The Shales horse is one of the rarest breeds in the world. In fact, so little is known about it that its actual definition as a breed is questionable. According to sources, the Shales Horse as a breed is a direct descendent or modern version of the Norfol

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Shire Draft horse


The Shire Draft horse is a massive and beautiful horse with an impressive stature. While the history of the Shire Draft horse is a bit ambiguous, it undoubtedly has a deep-rooted history.

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Standardbred horses


Standardbred horses gained their name by the condition placed on them to be able to race a mile in "standard time - 2 min and 30 seconds" or better in order to be registered in the standardbred stud book established in the US in 1879. The breed has come a

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Suffolk Draft Horse


The Suffolk Draft Horse is also known as Suffolk Sorrel, Punch and English Draught horse. The history of this horse is lengthy and finds roots in the English agrarian community. The "Punch" part of its name is derived from its formidable and strong appear

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The American Paint Horse


The American Paint Horse is a western stock horse with pinto coloring. This horse is considered a "color breed' and was developed by crossing pinto colored horses with quarter horse or thoroughbred bloodlines. Currently, to be registered in the American

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Thoroughbred Horse


Thoroughbreds were imported into Australia early in 19th-century was riding horses for the ruling elite. They were not suitable to use a stock horses but when bred with the more durable Arab cross horses and a variety of stockier pony breeds the end resul

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Tiger Horse


"Shere ahraha hai" (The Tiger is coming). Words that would have been brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the conquering Muslims in the 8th century, and which have reverberated down through the centuries to touch horse lovers in the New World of today. Wha

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The TRAKEHNER is one of the best, all-round competition or riding horses capable of performing at world class standard in jumping, eventing and hunter classes as well as dressage.

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