Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

Lipizzan horses


THE LIPIZZANER is so integral to Vienna's Spanish Riding School that it would be impossible to think of one without the other. In fact, the white horses (as well as a few that are black, bay, and chestnut) are bred dl over what was once the vast Austro-Hu

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Lokai and Tersk Horses


The Lokai and Tersk horses are both native to the country of Russia. The Lokai is a very small horse, and could technically be a pony. The Tersk is a fairly new breed, being developed in the early 20th century. They are both warm blood horses, with go

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The Lusitano Horse is the Portuguese variant of the Iberian Horse. However, this has only been its official name (from Lusitania the old Latin for Portugal) since 1966. They are excellent in the Portuguese bullfighting ring, which is regarded as an art f


Mangalarga Horse


The Mangalarga is a rare horse breed originating in Brazil in the early 19th century when Francisco Gabriel Junqueira began a breeding program crossing Royal Alter Real Stallions from neighboring Portugal with the local brood stock derived from mares brou

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Mangalarga Marchador


The Mangalarga Marchador is popular and versatile horse and the national horse of Brazil. This beautiful and intelligent breed has an amicable personality which makes these horses are highly trainable and unique.

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Maremmana Horse


Developed in the Maremma region of Tuscany and Lazio in Italy, the Maremmano is a solid built horse developed as a utility work horse on farms. These days with the motorbike taking over much of their role as a work horse they are primarily used as a ridi

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Marwari Horse


ORIGINS of theMarwari The earliest origin of the Marwari horse may have been in the areas to the north-west of India, on the borders of Afghanistan ? in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, and particularly in Turkmenistan. If the breed's ancestors came from these

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Messara Horse (Cretan horse)


The Messara (also known as Cretan horse is a light riding and draft horse found on the island of Crete off the coast of Greece. History The native mountain-type Messara pony exists on the island of Crete since year 1000 or longer. The name comes from the

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Metis Trotter


The Metis Trotter -built for speed, not for looks! The Metis Trotter (or Russian Trotter) first came to life in Russia. With an average height of 15.3hh, the Metis Trotter can come in a range of different colours, including grey, black and chestnut. Most,

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Miniature horse


As the name suggests, the Miniature horse is a small horse which typically stands anywhere from 7 to 8 hands high or 28 to 32 inches. Despite its size, this horse has many of the same qualities of any larger horse breed. The Guinness Book of World Record

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Missouri Fox Trotter Horse


The Missouri Fox Trotter is among the many American breeds developed for speed combined with a smooth and comfortable gait. These horses have a running walk that can cover great distances in little time, and it is extremely comfortable. This type of gait

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Morab Horse


The Morab horse is a cross between a Morgan horse and an Arabian. This breed possesses the best characteristics of both breeds in temperament, confirmation, endurance and soundness. They are beautiful movers and are an extremely popular mount for novice r

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Morgan Horse


This horse bred well and was strong and intelligent so it became sought after for breeding purposes. The high demands of "Figure" or "Morgan," and his versatility as a stud resulted in progeny with special characteristics and appearance: stout, strong, go

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Murgese Horse


The Murgese horse evolved in the dry limestone hills of the Murge district of Southern Italy at a time when the Spanish were masters of the land. Likely they were developed by breeding Barb and Arabian Horses with the local heavy horses such as the Neopol

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Narragansett Pacer


The Narragansett Pacer is a relatively unknown horse breed, although it was once quite famous. It was created in the state of Rhode Island in the 17th century, and has unknown ancestry. Some people believe the Narragansett Pacer was produced from Irish Ho

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National Show Horse


The National Show Horse, founded in the 1980s, is a cross between an American Saddlebred and an Arabian. Or a combination between an American Saddlebred, Arabian, and National Show Horse blood. Both mares and stallions must be registered with their approp

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Nez Perce Horse


The Nez Perce Horse is archetypal of the original horse which was first documented by North American explorers Lewis and Clark. Though it has undergone many changes since the Nez Perce first used them in the 1800's, they remain a part of the romantic v

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Nonius and Furioso Horses


The Nonius and the Furioso were first bred in the 19th century in Hungary, using a horse-breeding philosophy dating 1,000 years back to the settlement in the Carpathian basin of the Magyar horsemen, the descendants of the horse peoples of the Asian steppe

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Noriker Horse


The NORIKER horse makes the majority of the Austrian horse population. Like many old European breeds, it has been subject to change and improvement to meet altered circumstances and conditions. Even so, it has absorbed outcrosses without losing its essent

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Norwegian Fjord Horse


The Norwegian Fjord Horse is an ancient breed of horse bred entirely in the isolation of Norway. It is a strong and hardy horse which has adjusted over time to the severe Norwegian climate.

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Novokirghiz Horse


The Novokirghiz Horse is a relatively new breed of horse developed in the 1930s in Kirghizia. It replaced the Old Kirghiz, which was a mountain breed from the high altitudes of Kirghizia and Kazakhstan mainly from Mongolian stock.The Novokirghiz is faster

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Oldenburger Horse


The Oldenburger was bred in the 17th century as a coach horse that could also work in agriculture. Breeders adapted the horse to the needs of the market, out crossing to chosen breeds while operating selection policies to ensure uniformity of type. The 1

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Paso Fino Horses


The Paso Fino is a beautiful and spirited horse breed that is gaining in popularity. Originally bred for long hours in the saddle, Paso Finos are now being used for a variety of activities including pleasure riding, endurance riding, western events such a

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Percheron Horse


The PERCHERON, which originated in the Perche region in Normandy, is one of the most elegant of the heavy horses. Its principal bloodlines are dominated by Arab blood and has a stylish, long, free-striding action. One 9th-century expert, perhaps a little

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