Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

French Trotter – Norman Trotter


Imagine you are watching a close harness race and the excitement is high. The horses have been battling through the laps and now they are in the homestretch. These are the best trotters in the world, and one will go home with the trophy declaring it the c

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Friesian Horse


The Roman historian Tacitus (CE 55-120) recorded the Friesian's existence. He acknowledged its antiquity and its value as a powerful all-round utility animal, but remarked on its exceptional ugliness. It had become rather more refined by the time i

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Galiceno Pony / Galiceno Horse


The Galiceno pony, or Galiceno horse is an extremely refined, willing and horse-like pony. It was developed in Mexico and is one of the most beloved ponies of that country. It is very willing to please, trainable and versatile, and enjoys the ability to

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Gotland Pony


The origins of the Gotland Pony can be found on the island of Gotland in Sweden. In Sweden these ponies are known as Russ or Skogsruss (translated to English means "little horse of the forest") and Skogsbaggar ("forest ram").

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Groningen and Gelderlander Horses


ORIGINS The Netherlands is small, and not well-suited to raising horses, never the less, the Dutch have made a substantial contribution to horse-breeding in Europe. For centuries, they have proved themselves to be innovatory and market-wise, breeding hors

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Gypsy Vanner horse – Irish Cob


The development of the Irish Cob as a breed of horse is curious as it is one of the oldest known "breeds" from Ireland in addition to the Connemara Pont and the Irish Draught Horse, but it is only in recent time is has been given official breed status. Li

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Hackney Horse


Even if you know nothing of the Hackney breed, you will never forget this horse if you see one. Truly one of the most show-stopping horses in the world today is the Hackney horse. This equine has a flair that is hard to top with its snappy gaits and pert

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Hackney Pony


THE HACKNEY PONY The Hackney Pony does not exceed 1.42 m (14 hh) and shares the same stud book as the Hackney Horse, with a common ancestry in the great lines of Norfolk and Yorkshire Trotters. Regardless, it is a real pony, not just a little horse. The

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Haflinger Pony


Haflinger ponies are a very beautiful and popular Austrian breed of pony. They are a golden chestnut color with a flaxen mane and tale, and a very Arabian head and neck, with a very functional and hardworking body. The common saying pertaining to these

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Hanoverian Horse


The HANOVERIAN HORSE, is best distinguished by its stylized "H" brandmark. Thet are the most numerous and the best-known of the European warmbloods. The breed was established at Celle in 1735 by George II, Elector of Hanover and King of England (1727-1760

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The HOLSTEINER horse is the oldest of the German warmbloods and as one of the world's best performing showjumping horses is unsurprising they have made their way to Australia with a bred for exactly that purpose.


Horse Breeds, Types and Sizes


No other animal has seen more dramatic developments in the creation and extinction of breeds in the last hundred and 50 years than the horse. There are two obvious reasons for this the invention of the combustion engine and the motor vehicle with motorised vehicles becoming the most popular form of transport and domestic freight

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Iberian Horse


The Iberian horse curiously is not a breed of horse, rather it is the name given to a group of 17 different

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Icelandic Horse – Icelandic Pony


The Icelandic Pony is a breed that has lived in Iceland for around 1200 years. They are technically a horse, with more horse like characteristics than pony characteristics. They are also one of the purest breeds of horse in the world having had no outside

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Indian Half Bred Horse


Breeding half breds by crossing Thoroughbreds with other breeds, is well-established on the sub-continent. Half-breds in India are produced mainly by the Indian army studs, which are responsible for supplying troop horses to cavalry units and sometimes al

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Irish Draught Horse


The Irish Draught Horse is a warm blood horse with its origins in Ireland. While the name suggests it is a heavy draft breed, it is no longer a true draft due to the refined blood that has been infused into the line throughout the years. It is a large bon

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Irish Sports Horse / Irish Hunter


The Irish Sports Horse, also known as the Irish Hunter was created by crossing the Irish draught horse for its ample bone and strength with the more athletic and faster thoroughbred to create a horse strong and fast enough to carry a Hunter over difficult

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The KABARDIN AND THE KARABAKH are both mountain horses. The former is the local breed of the northern Caucasus, while the latter originated a little further south, in the Karabakh uplands, between the rivers of Araks and Kura in Azerbaijan. Therefore, the

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Karabair Horse


BACKGROUND AND HISTORYTHE KARABAIR horse is one of the oldest of the Central Asian horse breeds. It is found principally in Uzbekistan, an area famed in antiquity for its horses and one that is frequently mentioned in accounts of military campaigns in pre

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Karabakh Horse


The Karabakh horse is named after the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, it is a riding horse initially used for mountain steppe racing. The horses were originally developed in this region and they are noted for their easy temperaments surefootedness and fast

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Kathiawari Horse


The KATHIAWARI horse is from the Kathiawar Peninsula, an area framed by the Gulfs of Kutch and Khambat on India's north western coast. It is also found in Maharashtra, Gujerat, and southern Rajasthan. Together with the Marwari its northern neighbour in Ra

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Kiger Mustang


The Kiger Mustang is a stunning and intelligent horse that was recently discovered in southwest Oregon in the United States. The Kiger Mustang has an interesting history which finds its bloodline in the distant past. This horse resembles the modern day Sp

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Knabstrup / Knabstrupper Horse


The Knabstrupper horse is one of the most eye-catching breeds in the world. They are hard to miss in any setting with their white base coats and dark leopard spotting. They are very popular for circus riding and other entertainment uses not only due to th

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Konik Horse


The Konik Horse is a primitive horse breed originating in Poland. Like many of the primitive horse breeds they exhibit the typical markings including a dun coat occasional primitive striping on the legs and withers with dorsal stripe on their backs. The K

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