In many ways your role as a dog owner who comes with similar responsibilities as the role of the parent. A domestic dog whilst tracing its ancestry back to the walls of the wild that are more than capable of looking after themselves is no longer in a position to do so.  A domestic dog…

Changes in a dog’s normal urinary functions, and particularly in the quantity, colour, or consistency of urine, warrant immediate investigation by a vet because they can indicate serious, even life-threatening disease. Urine changes

It’s probably safe to assume that obesity is not as big a problem for unloved pets. But statistics say (and veterinarians agree) that we may actually be killing our beloved canine and feline friends – or at least shortening their lives – with our kindness

It is obvious that your dog can’t talk to you to tell you when something is wrong, needed or wanted. It is important to learn dog body language so that you can easily tell what your dog is trying to say to you without words. This way you can meet al

A well trained dog is a joy to own, but there are also some safety reasons to train your dog. If your dog is racing after a ball onto a busy road… you want to be able to tell him I am