All about Cats

All about Cats

Cat Instincts Explained


Cats are born with certain instincts which are common across the species. They are by nature nocturnal, predatory, territorial, cautious, and in the wild they are solitary (though they often prefer company when domesticated). Of all the cats, only lions live in family groups. A cats instincts may be dulled by domestication, but even diminished

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Cat Life Expectancy and Life Cycle


Expect your cat to have a life expectancy of roughly 12 to 15 years. Some may survive much longer than this with cat's making it into their twenties not unheard of. The world record age for a cat is 43 years! Domestic cats are more fortunate in this respect than their feral cousins, whose typical

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Cat Vision – how they see in the dark.


Whilst cat's certainly have excellent night vision typical of nocturnal hunters, this doesn't mean they have the ability to see in total darkness. Their eyes have the ability to make use of low levels of light, but some amount of light is still required. What you and I see at twilight, is about as good

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Cat’s Climbing and Jumping Ability


Cats are graceful and precise movers at all times whether walking calmly or exploding into action, caught up in the fury and excitement of the chase, cats use their muscles with superb economy, efficiency, and elegance. They are almost perfect hunting machines as their highly sensitive sight, hearing and smell senses are able to be

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Cat’s jumping and landing Ability


Cat��s are excellent jumpers and a great at gauging risk but despite the care they usually take to gauge height and distance before making an unfamiliar leap -they can and do make mistakes. A leap upwards to a ledge or a table-top can end in an undignified scramble with the back legs and a desperate heave with the front if the distance has been misjudged. Slippery kitchen top surfaces are notorious for falling an otherwise well judged spring.

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Why Cats are so Curious


The saying curiosity killed the cat is in fact based on the opposite reason for cats exhibiting such high levels of curiosity - curiosity in fact keeps them alive. Cats are highly intelligent and have great memories coupled with an interpretive mind. To survive in the world the need to make sense and analyse the

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Your Cat’s Fur / Coat


Cats are perhaps most admired for the sleek coats which is also the primary means for identification of the different breeds. The main purpose of a cat's coat is to provide a barrier between the cat and its environment, protecting it from injury, heat, cold, wind and rain. For the owner, the appearance of the

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