Today I got the worst possible news from my doctor. I have been sick for weeks, months even. Recently moved to a cold climate and though I like the cold… I had thought perhaps it did not like me. I was hoping to get a report back of chronic bronchitis, severe flu or even some weird rare tropical disease(I travel) but the news was far worse. I was allergic. To cats.

3 months ago my daughter turned 13 and asked for a kitten for her birthday. We have recently moved to Berlin after travelling for 2 years and she had missed the litany of pets we had back in Australia. We went long, first asked for a pony, then a dog, and we negotiated down to a cat.

It never occurred to me I might have a cat allergy – it seems for most of my life I’ve had a cat but when I think back? I’ve had them… but not had much to do with them.

Cat1 – Blackie. Short-haired black moggie. The antisocial thing stayed outside most of the time. Not affectionate.

Cat 2- Dribbles – Lovely little cat, but I moved out 2 months after he moved in. Not allowed indoors much. Some kind of long-haired cat, a stray.

Cat 3 – Talkie – I moved into a house with stables out the back, he was the resident ratter. Always aloof, we could not get near him for a year, then he finally relented and walked into the house and asked for a quick pat and some food. Crustiest cat you ever saw. Always fighting, covered in sores and scabs. You’d never pat him – eww – and he stayed mainly outside. Was never allowed on the furniture, he was too yuck. Had him for 15 years after that.

Then no cats till May… not the month. That’s her name.

The problem is? She is lovely. A little short-haired cat and the thing is? She loves company. When my daughter is out…. she insists on sitting on my lap, or otherwise, I need to bring her cat bed into my home office and she sleeps there. All-day. She is only 5 months old, very playful, scratches me a lot, nuzzles a lot too. We live in a 3rd-floor apartment she is a totally inside, lies on everything kind of cat.

So. I am chronically sick. I am mucous man, the coughing, spluttering, itchy nose, red-throated supervillain, who will at some point whilst the children are away, take his super good arch-nemesis, the beautiful May May, and rehome her.

I really don’t know what else to do. I can’t go on like this, living as if I have the flu permanently, but the rest of the family especially my daughter will be devastated. She has threatened to run away or harm herself if May is taken. I don’t even have the option of trading May in for a low allergy version. Even if according to those that claim the existence are genuine…. It would be like swapping one of your children as far as the family is concerned. Just not done

So, its back to the doctor today, to see if there is anything I can do.  Quite frankly… I’d have been happier if it was Malaria.  I still have my anti-malaria tablets, it’s curable…. and I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to the cat.

  • Anti cat allergy medicine?
  • A cat protein desensitizing treatment?
  • Some way I can de allergize the cat?
  • I am looking for a solution and will keep you posted.
  • I will keep you posted.

Update. 6 Years have past.  Somehow, the cat allergies died down and I’m now fine.  Weird