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Kitten Behaviour


After sleeping and eating, playing rates highly in a kitten's priorities. He will amuse himself for hours with a selection of toys. These do not need

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Ideal Weight for your cat


Cat weights don��t vary among the domestic varieties nearly as much as dogs�� but there is still some variation. Small breeds such as the Singapurra, the Munchkin and other small breeds typically weigh less than 3.5 kilograms (males) or below 3 kilograms (females).

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Flea dermatitis in Cats


Irritation and soreness of the skin occurs around flea bites.

Flea dermatitis in Cats2019-11-20T23:09:03+01:00

Feline senses


The nervous and sensory systems of the cat are essential to his health and well-being. Perceptions and reactions to his environment are dependent on h

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Feeding your Kitten


Kittens play hard and grow fast, and so require appropriate nutrition to cope with these demands on their bodies. Luckily for owners, manufacturers ma

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