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Cat Instincts Explained


Cats are born with certain instincts which are common across the species. They are by nature nocturnal, predatory, territorial, cautious, and in the wild they are solitary (though they often prefer company when domesticated). Of all the cats, only lions live in family groups. A cats instincts may be dulled by domestication, but even diminished

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Ojos Azules Cat


The Ojos Azules is new breed of domestic cat, discovered in New Mexico among feral cat populations. The first Ojos Azules discovered was a tortoiseshe

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Ear Flap Wounds in Cats


These are scratches or tears to the ear flaps pinnas.

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Cat Wounds


space blanket or large sheet of plastic 'bubble wrap' to maintain body temperature in cases of shock and hypothermia squares of clean cotton material

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Arthritis in Cats


his causes inflammation of the joints. There are two forms of arthritis that may affect cats - osteoarthritis and traumatic arthritis.

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Cymric Cat


The Cymric's unique appearance distinguishes it from other cats it has no tail, but it differs from the Manx in that it also has long hair. The Cymric

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Cat Life Expectancy and Life Cycle


Expect your cat to have a life expectancy of roughly 12 to 15 years. Some may survive much longer than this with cat's making it into their twenties not unheard of. The world record age for a cat is 43 years! Domestic cats are more fortunate in this respect than their feral cousins, whose typical

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Munchkin Cat


The Munchkin cat is a new breed created by a random mutation that produced a cat with extremely short legs. Munchkins come in any coat length or colou

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German Rex


The German Rex began with the male cat Munk, in 1930-31 in Konigsberg, in Germany. Munk was the son of an Angora cat and a Russian Blue. There were tw

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Australian Mist Cat


The Australian Mist Cat is a new cat breed, originating in Sydney Australia in the 1980's. They are excellent house cats and are very affectionate. Th

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Diabetes mellitus sugar diabetes


In this hormonal condition, the cat is unable to control his blood-sugar levels.

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Cat’s Climbing and Jumping Ability


Cats are graceful and precise movers at all times whether walking calmly or exploding into action, caught up in the fury and excitement of the chase, cats use their muscles with superb economy, efficiency, and elegance. They are almost perfect hunting machines as their highly sensitive sight, hearing and smell senses are able to be

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