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York Chocolate Cat


The York Chocolate Cat has a long, fluffy coat and a plumed tail. The first part of its name is taken from New York state, where it was bred in 1983.

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Turkish Van Cat


The Turkish Van cat makes an exotically different pet, with its beautiful chak white coat and striking auburn face and tail. Its main claim to origina

Turkish Van Cat2019-11-20T22:00:26+01:00

Tonkinese Cat


The Tonkinese is a hybrid breed, a cross between the Siamese and the Burmese, and as would be expected it has some characteristics of each . Because i

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Siberian Cat


The Siberian Cat is a medium/large, solid cat. Females generally weigh less than the males, both sexes are extremely agile, and powerful cats. The bac

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What is a furball?


A furball or hairball is an accumulation of hair in the cat's stomach that occurs as a direct result of him grooming himself. A solid mass of hair f

What is a furball?2019-11-23T21:04:43+01:00

Weaning your Kitten


At four weeks, the kittens start to explore outside the nest, and experiment more with solid food. Supply them with food specially formulated for kit

Weaning your Kitten2019-11-21T11:30:16+01:00

The feline body


The feline body is a remarkable feat of natural engineering that has evolved into an animal possessing great beauty, grace and athletic prowess. To ke

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