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Ariel Toucan


The Ariel toucan is a small to can roughly 40 cm from beak to tail tip with a beak of 8 to 12 cm they are very colourful with a bright orange breast, red eye-skin a brilliant blue eye and red abdominal feathers. Housing as with all toucans they should be

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Severe Macaw


The severe macaw is the ideal bird to someone looking for a dramatic pet bird who lacks the space to keep one of the larger macaws. Severe macaw is many in size with a full-size macaw personality. They affectionate clowns and assuming they are hand raised

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Scarlet Macaw


The Scarlet Macaw is one of the larger species of Macaw native to South and Central America. Prior to the ban on importation of foreign parrot species into Australia small numbers had been brought into Australia for breeding so they are available here how

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Hahn Macaw


Common Names: Hahn's Macaw, Hahn's Mini-Macaw. Scientific Name: Ara nobilis nobilis. Origin: Northern parts of South America. Size: About 30cm in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers, they are the smallest of all the Macaws. Average Lifesp

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Blue-throated Macaw


The Blue-throated Macaw (Ara glaucogularis) is endemic to a area of rees that dot the level plain. They weigh 750g and are 85cm long and are vivid in appearance with turquoise-blue wings and tail, and bright yellow underparts. They have a large bill, long

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