As the name suggests the Arappaloosa is the result of crossbreeding an Arabian horse with an Appaloosa.

It is a curious combination as they are horses with similar beneficial traits. Usually when a breeder decides to cross two horses the breeder is trying to create a new breed taking the best attributes of the different breeds to create a new one different And specialised horse breed. Both breeds in this case are highly intelligent with excellent endurance so crossing them would seem perhaps to be pointless other than to happen upon a chance combination which somehow combined one or both of these traits. More likely the crossing is done to create an Arabian looking horse with a leopard spotting patterns other Appaloosa.

Whilst they aren’t recognised distinct breed in the USA there is an Arappaloosa horse Association set up by enthusiasts of the crossbred. This in most countries they are simply registered as a half Arabian, though in the US they can be registered as an Appaloosa says of primary importance is the leopard spotting, and since Arab Appaloosa cross breeds always carried this leopard spotting that are considered Appaloosa horses even with an Arab father.

The Arappaloosa may come in both horse and pony sizes that the average small horse size of 15 hands high(150cm). In conformation their build and movement is more or less the same as the Arabian though with an amount of refinement as a result of that Appaloosa influence. As with both the contributing breeds they are surefooted, highly intelligent and have excellent endurance and are thus prized by many in sporting horse events with these attributes are required.  Individuals with particularly high percentages of quarter horse blood of the most desirable type of Appaloosa to use in shows as they tend to be more powerful horses with better turning ability.

There are an excellent utility horse excelling at many horse riding disciplines. They are well capable of pulling a light buggy, do well in endurance racing, and all types of general farm work including stock management and trail riding.
Whilst there is no breed association or club to the Arappaloosa in Australia though undoubtedly people who are breeding them here due to the popularity of both the Arab and the Appaloosa in Australia and is very likely they are also being crossbred with the strain stock horse to create a quality, high endurance cow horse.