The Akbash -an ally for farmers
If you’re a farmer with acres of land to protect, the Akbash Dog could be your perfect ally. The large but friendly breed is used to protect livestock and is generally a suitable companion for families. Features of the Akbash include its strength, power and speed and, according to sources, the Akbash, developed in Western Turkey, means ‘white-headed dog’.

Breed size & appearance
While the Akbash can weigh in the vicinity of 40-60 kilograms (depending on the gender of the Dog), the breed is quiet and mostly obedient, which makes it a perfect asset on the farm. A square face, a white coat and a thick tail will all stand out when casting an eye over an Akbash. The breed has also been compared with a White Sheep Dog, but it does not perform the same tasks as the Sheep Dog and prefers to act as a guard.

Training & temperament
It is known that training the Akbash later on in life can be challenging. Owners can bear the fruits of their hard labour by developing good habits early, and this will see the dog develop into a friendly and loving companion. While it is a large breed, it is a gentle giant and a loving dog, which makes it suitable for families.

The Akbash performs best in a friendly environment and is also affectionate, so it is vital to ensure you provide it with plenty of love and you will receive the same in return. But it is important to keep the breed busy, so its mind is healthy. This will allow the Akbash to put its intelligence into action which will be for the benefit of all. The Akbash is a loyal Dog which will provide not only protection for livestock but also for its owner/family.

It’s a dog that thrives on work but don’t expect it to exhibit remarkable endurance when required – long days acting as a guard can take its toll, but this does not mean the breed should be treated with a soft hand. The best results are obvious when the Akbash has been trained correctly and is left to roam the paddock and perform its number one task -protect.

Work tasks
While similarities with the Sheep Dog have been raised, don’t expect the Akbash to round up your sheep. It is thought that because of the breed’s intelligence, it does not respond well to the sort of training which requires extreme concentration. A stock and farm setting provides the perfect environment for the breed and will allow it to flourish.

Health & life span
The Akbash should, on average, live for about a decade, with some living many years past that. Like all breeds, it can be afflicted by illnesses, including hip dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). But these conditions are seen far less, generally, in the Akbash than other large breeds of dog. It should be noted that the breed can display a wide range of emotions.

Breed roundup
The Akbash is a dog suitable for most families and owning one can be a rewarding experience. Providing a suitable environment is crucial in developing a disciplined and hard-working Akbash. It is in its place on a farm as a guarding dog for livestock. The Akbash is extremely loyal and can display a wide range of emotions.  Average life span is a decade.