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Category: Dogs

Since the earliest of times, the dog has been mankind’s most loved pet. Their natural pack behaviour, and desire to please the dominant pack member(you!) makes them loyal, loving and great pets.

Dog’s differ in a great many ways, and though to a novice size is the most obvious(compare a Chihuahua of a kilo or so weight, with a Mastiff over over one hundred kilos) there are other characteristics that to an experienced dog owner are even more varied.

These include

Temperament and trainability.
Dogs such as livestock guardian dogs, are intelligent and wilful, having been bred to make decisions regarding guarding their flock without constant supervision. They tend to be stubborn and resist forceful training. Likewise, it’s almost impossible to train a sight hound dog not to chase a prey animal(cat, rabbit, bird, car, smaller dog,) on sight.

Some breeds are barkers, and this includes both small and large breeds. Lhasa Apso were bred are warning bell dogs, so they will bark at anything they think needs announcing.

Other characteristics that can wildly differ include
1.Muscle mass
2.Activity levels
3.Fur length, colour, amount of fur shed, if it sheds at all.
4.Intelligence. Some breeds are clever. Some are…. not so clever.
5.Health and soundness. Some breeds are inherently sound, especially breeds bred for purpose rather than a standard.
6.Lifespan. Varies wildly, from 6-8 years to over 25 year averages for some breeds.
7.Aggressiveness, timidity or nervousness. In all breeds, there will be some animals that are less more or more aggressive/timid than the norm, but some breeds are especially lacking in aggression, other have it in abundance.

This huge diversity means that there is a dog out there to suit almost anyone…. but also that it’s most important to learn about the characteristics of a dog before your buy it, so you choose the one that suits you best.