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Category: Cat Breeds

It’s a curiosity to me with cat’s having been around as mankind’s second best(depending on who you speak to) for thousands of years, that there are not as many recognised breeds of cat as there are dog. On Mypets, we have over 250 recognised breeds, and there are plenty more we are still detailing, yet there are less than 50 recognised breeds of cats.

Domestic cats don’t come in super large varieties like dogs do, and its probably just as well. They are such efficient predators and lack the pack mentality which makes it possible to keep large dogs under control even though they may be more powerful than their owner.

Cat’s come in timid and bold varieties, long and short haired. Small, delicate breeds such as the Burmese and larger breeds such as the Bengal and the Savannah Cat(Not recognised everywhere as a true breed yet, and banned in some countries).

We’ve detailed the breeds here for your information, we hope you find the one that best fits you.